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IP Transit

[hostingpress_title_tag type=”H4″ text=”IP transit” text_align=”Left” font_container=”font_size:18|color:%2342b6ff|line_height:3″ font_weight=”bold”][hostingpress_title_tag type=”H2″ text=”Transfer your network world wide” text_align=”Left” font_container=”font_size:25|color:%23000000|line_height:1″ font_weight=”bold”]
[hostingpress_title_tag type=”P” text=” Packet exchange helps you to enlarge your network services to reach your customers” text_align=”Left” font_container=”font_size:14|color:%23000000|line_height:1.9″ font_weight=”300″][hostingpress_title_tag type=”P” text=” through high end performance internet connectivity…” text_align=”Left” font_container=”font_size:14|color:%23000000|line_height:1.9″ font_weight=”300″]
[hostingpress_title_tag type=”H2″ text=”Powerful IP transit” text_align=”Center” font_container=”font_size:48|color:%23443a44|line_height:1.5″ font_weight=”100″]

Our global Tier 1 IP Transit provides fast, reliable transport of data and making Internet access faster and minimizing distance delays. Link to our network, we ensure that you will connected globally to the clients faster than ever before. Our highly trained engineers will monitor and manage the network availability and performance round the clock, which made us to one of the leading service provider among the world.

Our IP Transit service provides best route and extensive peering arrangements with major global carriers and access providers to ensure data traffic routes reaches its destination quickly with sustained reliability. So you will receive a durable connection without any packet loss.

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6e633a235ea0d523078e667b9f84f15b-blue-check-mark-by-vexels  Fast delivery lead times

6e633a235ea0d523078e667b9f84f15b-blue-check-mark-by-vexels IPV4/IPV6 dual stack Connected to numerous internet exchanges

6e633a235ea0d523078e667b9f84f15b-blue-check-mark-by-vexels 24/7/365 Network Monitoring

6e633a235ea0d523078e667b9f84f15b-blue-check-mark-by-vexelsCarrier Neutral Hosting Scalable bandwidth

6e633a235ea0d523078e667b9f84f15b-blue-check-mark-by-vexels  Secure, online portal

6e633a235ea0d523078e667b9f84f15b-blue-check-mark-by-vexels  Leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

6e633a235ea0d523078e667b9f84f15b-blue-check-mark-by-vexels  Remote peering to the major internet exchanges

[hostingpress_title_tag type=”H2″ text=”Locations” text_align=”Center” font_container=”font_size:38|color:%23443a44|line_height:1.5″ font_weight=”100″]
Counties Cities Address
AUT Vienna "Talpagasse 6A 1230 Vienna" WIEN
AUT Vienna "Talpagasse 6A 1230 Vienna" WIEN/B
AUT Vienna "Interxion LOUIS HÄFLINGER GASSE 10 1210 Wien" WIEN/I
AUT Vienna "Interxion LOUIS HÄFLINGER GASSE 10 1210 Wien" WIEN/L
BEL Brussels "Level 3, Chaussee de Louvain Av. Leon Grosjean No 2; 1140 Evere" BRX/G
BEL Brussels "Interxion Belgium Wezembecckstraat 2 bus 1 1930 Zaventem, Belgium" BRX/IX
BUL Sofia "c/o Telepoint DataCentre, 2nd floor, TSIC Cage 122, OVCHE POLE STR. BG-1303, Sofia" SFIA/T
CAN Toronto Cologix Room 809 151 Front Street M5J2N1, Toronto, Ontario" TORO
CHN Hong Kong "399 Chai Wan Road, meet-me room II Chai Wan Hong Kong" HNK
CZE Prague "Sitel Telehouse, Telia room 141A, 1st floor Nad Elektrarnou 411; 106 00 Praha" PRAG
CZE Prague "Sitel Telehouse, Telia room 127, 1st floor Nad Elektrarnou 411; 106 00 Praha" PRAG/B
DEN Copenhagen "Ejby Industrivej 135 2600 Glostrup" EJB/I
DEN Copenhagen "Ejby Industrivej 135 2600 Glostrup" EJB/J (DF)
DEN Copenhagen "Horskaetten 3 2630 Hoje Taastrup" HORSK
DEN Copenhagen "Metrovej 1,, Bldg 1 DK-2300, Köpenhamn S" OSD/I
DEN Copenhagen "Metrovej 1,, Bldg 2 DK-2300, Köpenhamn S" OSD2/I (DF)
DEN Copenhagen "Metrovej 1,, Bldg 2 DK-2300, Köpenhamn S" OSD2/J (DF)
ESP Barcelona "Telvent, Carrer de L'Acer, 30-32, Zona Franca, 08038 BARCELONA 2nd floor + cage GRND/207 + Cage4 Sala 001" BCN ESP Madrid
ESP Madrid "Interxion, Calle Albasanz 71 Room MAD1.406 28037 Madrid" MAD/IX
ESP Valencia "Cale Villa De Madrid44, 46988 Paterna Valencia" VCA
EST Tallinn "Cale Villa De Madrid44,46988 Paterna Valencia" VCA
EST Tallinn "c/o Elion International Datacentre 2nd floor, Room A210 Söle 14, EE-10611 Tallin" TLN
EST Tallinn "Tallin, Kuuse 4, 11621, Tallin" TLN/KU
FIN Helsinki Tähtimäki: address is classified HLS/11 (DF)
FIN Helsinki Tähtimäki: address is classified HLS/12
FIN Helsinki Tähtimäki: address is classified HLS/13 (DF)
FIN Helsinki Tähtimäki: address is classified HLS/21 (DF)
FIN Helsinki Tähtimäki: address is classified HLS/22 (DF)
FIN Helsinki "Iso-Roobertinkatu 21-25 FIN-00120 Helsinki" HLS/I
FIN Helsinki "Kansakoulukuja 3 FIN-00100 Helsinki" HLS/K
FRA Marseille "40 Avenue Roger Salengro, 130 03 Marseille " MEI
FRA Paris "c/o INTERXION 45 av Victor Hugo 95534 Aubervilliers" AUB/I
FRA Paris "c/o Telecity, Ground Floor Zone 1 Bld 245, 45 Av Victor Hugo 95534 Paris" AUB/T
FRA Paris "124, Boulevard de Verdun 92 400 Courbevoie" COB
FRA Paris "124, Boulevard de Verdun 92 400 Courbevoie" COB/2
FRA Paris "22 Avenue des Nations Parc Silic. Building ""Le Ronsard"", 93420 VILLEPINTE" ROSY
FRA Paris "114 Rue Ambroise Croizat 93200 Saint-Denis, Paris" SD/IX
FRA Paris "c/o Equinix France Ground fl., Room 140GS54 114 RUE AMBROISE CROIZAT 93200 Saint Denis, Paris" SD/PA3
FRA Paris "Telehouse 2; 137 Boulevard Voltaire 1 étage-salle 1108; 75 011 Paris" VOLT
GBR London "1 Harbour Exchange Square London E14 9GE" HEX
GBR London "8th Floor; 6/7 Harbour exchange London E14 9GE" RBI
GBR Slough "8 Buckingham Avenue SL 14AX Slough" SLOU
GBR London "8/9 Harbour Exchange Square, 2nd floor London E14 9HF" TCH
GBR London "Telehouse East, 2 floor 1 Corriander Avenue, London E14 2AA" THOE
GBR London "Telehouse North 2nd floor, room TFM 16, 1 Coriander Ave. E14 2AA London" THON
GBR Berlin "Lorenzweg 5 120 99 Berlin" BEI/L
GBR Cologne "c/o Netcologne GMBH Ground fl. Room EUP-EG1X-DC4 Eupener Str. 137 50993 Cologne" KOLN/E
GBR Dresden "Overbeckstr. 41a 01139 Dresden" DRES (TSS)
GBR Düsseldorf "In der Steele 43 405 99 Düsseldorf" DDF/B
GBR Düsseldorf "In der Steele 43 405 99 Düsseldorf" DDF/B1 (DF)
GBR Düsseldorf "In der Steele 27 405 99 Düsseldorf" DDF/I
GBR Frankfurt "Rebstöckerstrasse 55 603 26 Frankfurt" FFM
GBR Frankfurt "AIXT, Strahlenbergerstrasse 14 Floor 6, Room: Noc-Room 63067 Offenbach" FFM/AX
GBR Frankfurt "Rebstöckerstrasse 55 603 26 Frankfurt" FFM/B
GBR Frankfurt "C/o interxion; Hanauer Landstrasse 304a Build FRA2 Gr. Floor room 3.1 603 14 Frankfurt" FFM/H
GBR Frankfurt "c/o Interxion Building FRA3 Weissmüllerstrasse 23 room 3.1 rack B4 603 14 Frankfurt" FFM/H3
GBR Frankfurt "c/o Interxion Frankfurt Hanauer Landstrasse 308A Building FRA5 60314 Frankfurt" FFM/H5
GBR Frankfurt "Rebstöckerstrasse 25-31 603 26 Frankfurt" FFM/I (DF)
GBR Frankfurt "Kleyerstrasse 88 603 26 Frankfurt" FFM/K2 (DF)
GER Frankfurt "Kleyerstrasse 88 603 26 Frankfurt" FFM/K3
GER Frankfurt C/o Redbus Lyoner Strasse 28
GER Frankfurt "Telecity, Gutleutstrasse 310, Building J/K, Room: Zone 1, 603 27 Frankfurt" FFM/T1
GER Hamburg "Langenhorner Chaussee 44 223 35 Hamburg " HBG
GER Hamburg "Langenhorner Chaussee 42 223 35 Hamburg " HBG/C (DF)
GER Hamburg "Flughafenstrasse 54 A 223 35 Hamburg" HBG/G
GER Hamburg "C/O E-SHELTER, 1st floor Room H-E-31 Langenhorner Chaussee 44 223 35 Hamburg " HBG/T
GER Hannover "Beiersdorfstrasse 5 30 165 Hannover" HVR (TSS)
GER Munich "Stuttgarter Strasse 2 80807 Munich" MCN (TSS)
GER Munich "c/o Cable & Wireless Landsberger Strasse 155 80687 Munich" MCN/L
GER Munich "c/o Equinix AM Mossfeld 37 81829 Munich" MCN/M
GER Munich "Equinix, Seidlstraße 3, 80335 Munich " MCN/S
GER Stuttgart "Zettachring 12 70567 Stuttgart " SGRT/Z (TSS)
HUN Budapest "Asztalos Sándor U. 13. 1/1B125, H-1087, Budapest" BPT/D (TSS)
HUN Budapest "c/o Budapest Internet Exchange Victor Hugo u. 18-22, H-1132 Budapest" BPT/S
IRL Dublin "DNL Telecity, Unit 4027 Kingswood Rd, City West Business Campus Saggart, Dublin D24, Ireland" DLN
ITA Milan Via Caldera 21; Building E, left wing - Camelot aisle, ground floor, 20153 Milan MNO
LAT Riga "c/o Riga TV Tower 2nd floor, Room 247, Zakusalas krastmala 1, LV-1050 Riga" RIGA/2
LAT Riga "c/o Telia Latvia Ground Floor, Data Room Lielvardes iela 8a, LV-1006 Riga" RIGA/T
LTU Kaunas "Laisves Aleja St. 43 Floor 5A, Room 5.2 44001 Kaunas" KAUM
LTU Vilnius "Sevcenkos St. 25 Floor 2A, Room 202 03001 Vilnius" VIU/M
NED Amsterdam "c/o Telecity Science Park 120 1098 sj Amsterdam" ADM
NED Amsterdam "c/o Interxion Cessnallan 1-33 (AMS3) Room AMS3 503.B 119NJ Schipol Rijk" ADM/C
NED Amsterdam "Ewoswitch, J.W Lucasweg 35, 2031 BE Harleem " ADM/E
NED Amsterdam "c/o Interxion AMS1/AMS4 Gyroscoopweg 60 Ground fl. Room AMS1 .109 1042 Amsterdam" ADM/I1
NED Amsterdam "c/o Interxion Europe IX5 TUPOLEVLAAN 101, Room 130A 1119 SCHIPHOL RIJK, Amsterdam NETHERLANDS" ADM/IX
NED Amsterdam "VANCIS (SARA), Science Park 121, Room S150, 1st fl. rack K68-70 1098 Amsterdam" ADM/K
NED Amsterdam "Telecity S/E, Room 1 Kuiperbergweg 13; 1101 Amsterdam" ADM/T1
NED Amsterdam "Telecity S/E, Room 2 Kuiperbergweg 13; 1101 Amsterdam" ADM/T2
NED Amsterdam "c/o Telecity 4 HJE Wenckebachweg 127 1096 AM Amsterdam" ADM/W
NOR Oslo "Öst Sentral Sigurdsgate 14 Oslo" OC/TR
NOR Oslo "Etage 3; Östre Akers vei 18A 0581 Oslo " OKR/C
OMA Muscat Bab Al-Mathaib Street, Way #607, WCS Room TRSM 222, Muscat MUS/W
POL Poznan "St. Taczaka 10, 2nd Floor, Room 205 61-818 Poznan" PZN/E
POL Warsaw "Ul. Jutrzenki 177 02-231 Warzaw" WZW/G
POL Warsaw "Al. Jerozolimskie 65-79, floor 13 00-697 Warsaw" WZW/L2
QAT Doha Al-Waab, Ground Floor Room Alwaab-IGW-SWITCH, PO Box 217, Doha DOH/O
ROU Bucharest Dimitrie Pompei Nr. 6-A, Sector 2, Bucharest, RO-02033, Romanina BUCA
RUS Moscow "Sushevskiy val str. 26 127 018 Moscow" MSK/10
RUS Moscow "7 Butlerova Street, 2nd floor 117 485 Moscow" MSK/9
RUS Moscow "Oktyabrskaya str. 1 127 018 Moscow" MSK/O1
RUS Moscow "Oktyabrskaya str. 1 127 018 Moscow" MSK/O3
RUS St Petersburg "57, Borovaya Str, floor 3, room 306 192007 S:t Petersburg" SAP
RUS St Petersburg "57, Borovaya Str, floor 3, room 332 192007 S:t Petersburg" SAP/A
RUS St Petersburg "BOLSHAYA MORSKAYA 18 Floor 1, Room 124 191186 St. Petersburg" SAP/BM
RUS St Petersburg "57, Borovaya Str, floor 6, room 600 192007 S:t Petersburg" SAP/C (DF)
RUS St Petersburg "Mayakovskogo str 22-2 191104 S:t Petersburg" SAP/M1
RUS St Petersburg "Mayakovskogo str 22-2 191104 S:t Petersburg" SAP/M2 (DF)
RUS St Petersburg "Mayakovskogo str 22-2 191104 S:t Petersburg" SAP/M3
RUS Tver 7 VAGZHANOVA, 6th Floor, Room Ventzal, 170100 Tver, Russia TVER/O
SIN Singapore "Equinix Telehouse, Floor 5B, room 00010 20 Ayer Rajah Crescent, 139964 Singapore" SNG/E
SUI Zürich "Hardstrasse 235 8005 Zürich" ZCH
SUI Zürich "JOSEFSTRASSE 225 8005 Zürich" ZCH/4
SWE Gothenburg "Klockarevägen 2 Hisingskärra, Gothenburg" GHKA/I (TSS)
SWE Stockholm "Esbogatan 11/Vandagatan 3, 164 94 Akalla" AK/IX
SWE Stockholm "Bergets Sal 315;Rålambsvägen 28-30 112 59 Stockholm" FRE/I
SWE Stockholm "Room 212, Rålambsvägen 28-30 112 59 Stockholm" FRE/I3
SWE Stockholm "Haninge; C/o Telia IT-service, G hall 4th floor Rudsjöterrassen 5, 136 82 Haninge"
SWE Stockholm "Sal 2209 Internationell; Kalmgatans förlängning; 121 45 Johanneshov" HY/I (DF)
SWE Stockholm "Building 2, 3:rd Floor, Room 2327; Kalmgatans förlängning; 121 45 Johanneshov"
SWE Stockholm "Building 2, 5:th Floor, Room 2525; Kalmgatans förlängning; 121 45 Johanneshov"
SWE Stockholm "Torshamnsgatan 35 C/O MCI Worldcom 1st Floor, Colo#1, 16440 Kista" KIS/T (TSS)
SWE Stockholm "Liljeholmen, Trekantsvägen 7 117 43 Stockholm" LJHN2
SWE Stockholm "Solnavägen 94 169 51 Solna" RAAS/I (TSS)
SWE Stockholm "Östra Vasa;Roslagsgatan 30, plan 4 113 55 Stockholm" S/OV
SWE Stockholm "TeleCity; Mariehällsvägen 36 168 65 Bromma " TCS (TSS)
SVK Bratislava Sitel Telehouse, Kopèianska 20/c, 85101 Bratislava BRAT
UKR Kiev "Gaydara 50, 2nd floor, room1, 01033, Kiev" KIEV
UKR Kiev "Leontovicha str, B.9/3, 2nd floor server room 01034 Kiev" KIEV/L
USA Ashburn "21715 Filigree Court, Bld F c/o Equinix Ground floor, cage 2630 Ashburn, VA 20147" ASH
USA Ashburn "21715 Filigree Court, Bld F c/o Equinix Ground floor, cage 2276 Ashburn, VA 20147" ASH/2 (DF)
USA Atlanta "56, Marietta, 2nd floor Atlanta, GA 30303" ATM/2
USA Boston "One Summer Street 4th fl. room 441 02110 Boston Mass" BOST
USA Buffalo "350 Main street Switch&Data, Suite 1806 Cage M-14 Buffalo, NY 14202" BUFF
USA Charlotte "113 N. Myers 3rd Floor, c/o Telx, Cage M03 Charlotte, NC 28202 " CHLO
USA Chicago "350 East Cermak Rd c/o Equinix, 5th floor Cage 580 Chicago, IL 60616" CHC
USA Chicago "c/o Coresite, 427 S. LaSalle, Chicago, IL 60605" CHL
USA Cleveland "1255 Euclid Ave. Sterling Bldg. Switch&Data, Suite 200 Cage AU.2 Cleveland, OH 44115" CLE
USA Dallas "The infomart, 1950 Stemmons fwy 752 07 Dallas TX" DALS/CO
USA Denver "910 15th Street Comfluent Suite 751 7th floor Denver, CO 80202" DENV
USA Kansas City "1102 Grand Blvd, MMR Suite 604, 10th flr, Cage 03 Kansas City, MO 64106" KANC
USA Kansas City "One Wilshire Building, 4th floor MMR 624 S. Grand Avenue Los Angeles CA 90017" LAO/2
USA Los Angeles "600 West 7th street, 6th floor, suite 600 5th floor, MMR, Cage C23A 6th floor,
USA McAllen McAllen Data Center, 200 S 10th St. Suite 700, McAllen, TX 78501 MDC
USA Miami "50 NE 9th Street, 2nd floor, Cab:AT47 c/o NAP of the Americas Miami, FL 33132" MAI
USA New York "165 Halsey Street c/o Equinix; 8th floor, Cage 95 Newark, NJ 07102" NEO
USA New York "165 Halsey Street c/o Equinix; 8th floor, Cage 0180 Newark, NJ 07102" NEO/2 (DF)
USA New York "111 8th Avenue, Suite 818 New York, NY 10011" NYKEA (DF)
USA New York "111 8th Avenue Suite 810 New York, NY 10011" NYKEB
USA New York "111 8th Avenue, Suite 809 New York, NY 10011" NYKEC
USA New York "60 Hudson Street, c/o Telx 9th floor MMR, NY, NY 10013" NYKHD
USA New York Telehouse, 85 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011 NYKTA
USA Palo Alto "529 Bryant St. c/o Equinix Suite 2, Cage 83140 Palo Alto, CA 94301" PALO
USA Phoenix "615 N. 48th Street i/o Data Centers MMR-P1, Cage 170 Phoenix, AZ 85008 " PHOX
USA San Francisco "200 Paul Street c/o Telx, 3rd floor´, San Francisco, CA 94124" SANF
USA Seattle c/o Equinix, 2001 SIXTH AVENUE, THE WESTIN BUILDING, CAGE 13050, 9812, SEATTLE, United States SEA
USA San Jose "11 Great Oaks Blvd c/o Equinix, Ground floor, Cage 1910 San Jose, CA 95119 " SAJ