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Dublin Dedicated Server

[hostingpress_title_tag type=”H4″ text=”DEDICATED SERVER IN IRELAND” text_align=”Left” font_container=”font_size:18|color:%2342b6ff|line_height:3″ font_weight=”bold”][hostingpress_title_tag type=”H2″ text=”POWER YOUR BUSINESS WITH ENTERPRISE GRADE DEDICATED SERVER DUBLIN, IRELAND.” text_align=”Left” font_container=”font_size:25|color:%23000000|line_height:2″ font_weight=”bold”]
[hostingpress_title_tag type=”P” text=”Dedicated server in Ireland are hosted in state of the art Data Center in Dublin, Ireland. We can customize your dedicated server in Ireland as per your requirement. If you are looking dedicated server for VPN, Proxy, Hosting or Streaming in Dublin, Ireland then please get in touch with us for special offer.” text_align=”Left” font_container=”font_size:14|color:%23000000|line_height:1.9″ font_weight=”300″]
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Our highly equipped dedicated servers help you to easily manage your website’s traffic, multiple domains, stream images with high resolution and videos. In addition, we offer the customized hardware setup and the software to meet the exact needs for your business.

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It is ideal solution for larger size websites that have a lot of traffic. Data access is faster and high traffic is easily accommodated. This is also an ideal solution for a business that wants a dedicated server for fast access, customer service and customization, but they don’t require all of the physical space. In other words, you can become a web host reseller by sub-leasing extra space to others to set up their own websites and domains.

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There are many reasons why people expend the extra money and effort to have a dedicated server:

6e633a235ea0d523078e667b9f84f15b-blue-check-mark-by-vexels You have your own server, which means you can do anything you want.

6e633a235ea0d523078e667b9f84f15b-blue-check-mark-by-vexels You can run chat servers and other applications that you can’t run on cheap hosting plans.

6e633a235ea0d523078e667b9f84f15b-blue-check-mark-by-vexels Your sites and applications will load fast.

6e633a235ea0d523078e667b9f84f15b-blue-check-mark-by-vexels You’re not going to be slowed down by other customer’s bad coding.

6e633a235ea0d523078e667b9f84f15b-blue-check-mark-by-vexels Other customers can’t complain if you hit a traffic spike.

6e633a235ea0d523078e667b9f84f15b-blue-check-mark-by-vexels You can lock your server down against attack.

What’s under the hood

manage server


We configure and manage your servers to keep its software up-to-date, monitor your machine 24/7/356 and provide technical support via telephone, live chat and email ticket system.

high security


Packet exchange servers have firewall protection and antivirus software to provide real time monitoring and security backup in order to guarantee.

package upgrade


If you need more RAM or storage, we serve all dedicated packages are upgradable.



Real time bandwidth is perfect for managing high-traffic, high volume websites for customers in e-commerce, media, public sector and online publishing which operate large web space and data transfer.

technical support

packaged to fit your budget

Our dedicated server packages are designed to be very economical, so that they are affordable for any business. It allows you to get a server solution to meet your exact business requirements, while maintaining your budget.


ULTRA FAST Processors

On our dedicated server, we use Intel Xeon Processor for unmatched resource efficiency, which make your site run quickly, reliably and without any interruption.

OUR Pree-configured